The Company

Our company for four generations producing extra virgin olive oil quality.
We have decided to focus on the production of “Olive” related products to provide a service to  farmers in the surrounding areas. This has allowed us to gain, throughout the years, great experience within the sector.

Our philosophy consists in maintaining a close connection with the territory, respecting traditions and the environment.
Our past experiences has helped us in making wise choices and in acquiring great improvements

frantoio busca

throughout the years. We are proud of where we came from, but this is not enough to produce a quality product.

To achieve high quality products you need great work ethics, which pushes you to operate in a healthy way, paying close attention to the environment and the rights of the consumers.

This is why we have decided to make use of modern technologies, by utilizing an extracting system of a continuous cycle plant at controlled temperature, assuring constant quality and high hygienes standards.

Every single bottle of Olive Oil has a story to tell. The result of a year of passionate work, which begins in an olive tree grove and ends in an Oil Mill.  Our family tradition which started in 1933, comes to life as the crushing process initiates all the way to the finished product in our consumer's home. Through every single “drop” of our oil they will be able to have a little taste of the marche's territory.

Our daily commitment in milling the olives, the accurate selection of the varietals and the fast process between the gathering of the olives and the processing stage, allows for excellent results. The best way to produce a high quality oil is to transform the helthy fruit without altering it's nutritional and organoleptic features.

Our company's main objective is and will be to produce a high quality extra vergin olive oil utilizing the most advanced technologies.

Our Mill is also part of the consortium that oversees the increased value of the Cartoceto's Etravergine Olive Oil D.O.P., which safeguards the quality of the product in the region.

Performed Checks

The oil is put through many tests in order to control the acidity, peroxide and polyphenols levels, which are done by the LAM laboratory of Fano;
Folllowing are the certifications that the Busca Mill has acquiured in order to prove once again that  the  quality of the product meets all food regulatory standards:

  1. Biologic certification from “Suolo e Salute” Marche.
  2. Traceability of the DOP Cartoceto's product (AGROQUALITA' Rome).
  3. Record of food's hygiene product.
  4. Food inspection HACCP